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CPD Seminars & Presentations


SCA has a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified presentation aimed at professionals who are directly involved with, or need to gain a better understanding of sprayed concrete.

The CPD programme addresses the need for correct specification and design,    preparation, mix design, selection of materials and application.  The seminar programme is approximately sixty minutes in duration and ideally suited to a lunchtime presentation format.  Alternatively, it can be included as part of an organised event involving a number of 'linked' presentations, or to form part of an in-house training programme. 

The presentation has been certified as conforming to industry CPD guidelines by the 'CPD Certification Service'.  All professionals attending receive a CPD certificate.
For further details regarding the presentation, or to book a presentation, please contact SCA.



The Structural Concrete Alliance regional Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars are designed to provide delegates with an introduction to Structural Asset Protection and Repair, these half-day events offer an introduction to corrosion as well as techniques for repair, protection and strengthening.

Presentations are varied to reflect the region in which the seminar takes place but include: An introduction to corrosion; An overview of electrochemical systems; Concrete repairs and coatings; Carbon fibre strengthening; Introduction to sprayed concrete; and Inspection of reinforced buildings & structures.

The seminars present an opportunity to learn more about the process of corrosion, essential steps for concrete repairs, ways to protect your buildings & structures and a brief introduction to sprayed concrete.

The seminar programme is taking a break for 2018 to allow us to revise our presentations to be able to offer a brand new programme in 2019. In the meantime for those looking for seminars, the Alliance offers CPD presentations which can be delivered on-site to interested parties.

View videos of some recent presentations on YouTube.  Marine Structures, Structural Strengthening & Introduction to Sprayed Concrete can be viewed at:-

The Structural Concrete Alliance is an umbrella organisation which brings together the Concrete Repair Association (CRA), Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA) and Sprayed Concrete Association (SCA) to provide a single co-ordinated voice for the structural concrete refurbishment and repair industry.

The Alliance offers a single point of contact for major clients and a definitive source of information and advice for all involved in the repair, refurbishment and management of concrete infrastructure and the protection from corrosion of a wide range of structures.

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