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SCA Membership Requirements & Application Form

SCA Membership is divided into four categories as follows.

Full Members Contracting companies, based in the UK engaged and established in sprayed concrete; who have demonstrated their financial stability and technical ability, provided a proven track record and employ only fully qualified nozzlemen on sprayed concrete contracts.
Associate Members Manufacturers, companies and organisations directly concerned with sprayed concrete work, materials or equipment.
Overseas Members As Full Members but based overseas
Consultant/Honorary Members  

Full membership of the Association is open to contracting companies engaged and established in sprayed concrete (including founder members) able to meet the following requirements.

  • Adequate general and technical management expertise and supervisory personnel.
  • An acceptable form of records, regularly maintained, of all employed operatives' training and experience.
  • Members of a recognised Wage Regulatory body.
  • Have a system acceptable to the Association for quality Assurance/Quality Control (eg. ISO9000).
  • Operate with due regard to the safety and well-being of employees and the public.
  • Demonstrate a proven track record in the field of sprayed concrete.
  • Employ only fully qualified nozzleman for Sprayed Concrete work.

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