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The Sprayed Concrete Association believes that structured training is a fundamental requirement in essential as the success of spraying concrete relies heavily on the skills of the nozzleman and his team. It is vitally important therefore that specifiers and designers insist upon and verify the background and training methods adopted by their prospective contractors.

The Sprayed Concrete Association has for many years recommended a formal record keeping, training and certification scheme.  The nozzleman’s actions on site are crucial in maintaining the quality and consistency of the final product. With the dry process they control water content and hence the mix design. With both dry and wet processes their skills determine the density and compaction of the sprayed material and the prevention of voids and “shadows” behind reinforcement. They will be able to place material overhead in multiple layers whilst minimising rebound and overspray, and will also be able to achieve the required surface finish to the sprayed material. His support team will often hand batch materials and certainly be responsible for providing the nozzleman with a constant supply of controlled materials without risk of inconsistency or blockage.

Many of these skills will be learnt on site through experience. On site apprenticeship and training provides a firm grounding to trainees.

The desired result is a fully trained nozzleman who is not only capable of spraying concrete but also able to create test pieces for checking. He must also be able to understand the technicalities of the process. It is vital therefore that training and certification within the industry is both supported and maintained. Any reluctance to provide that commitment could result in substandard work or potentially dangerous structures and the resultant Health and Safety risks.

If you appreciate and understand good training, and wish to employ personnel who are well trained, you will understand that the best education comes from experienced specialists with an in-depth knowledge of their subject. It is not enough to turn to general industrial or tertiary sources or, even worse, general consultancies with little specialist awareness as they lack the detailed knowledge and understanding of sprayed concrete.

SCA offer training via its training officers John Aveling, Stuart Manning, Pat Quarton and Andy Dunlop.

Contact the association for more information.

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